The Historic Mono Inn was originally built in 1922 by Wally and Venita McFerson. The McFersons were building a resort on Pahoa Island and needed a bunk house for workers. When the resort project fell through, the bunk house became the Mono Inn. For years the Mono Inn was a destination resort, including water skiing, fishing, hiking and music. Venita was an accomplished pianist and would entertain guests often. Some say you can still hear her ghost playing haunting music on the moonlit nights. In 1928, the Mono Inn started an annual event called Mark Twain Day which was held every year until 1944. Mark Twain wrote about Mono Lake in his first book “Roughing It”. Speed boat races on the lake, a bathing beauty contest, fish fry, rock drilling contests were some of the events held at the Mono Inn’s Mark Twain Day.

The Mono Inn went through a series of owners. The Mono Inn was and still is a favorite watering hole for locals. According to local historian Don Banta, it was the place to party in the Eastern Sierra during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s! In 1996 the Mono Inn was bought by the Ansel Adams family to be run by Sarah Adams, Ansel’s granddaughter. The building was getting old and was in need of repair. Major renovations went into the building and a beautiful patio was built. Sarah Adams impeccably ran the restaurant for ten years before pursuing motherhood and closing the Inn. The Mono Inn was closed for three years from 2007- 2010. The property is still owned by Michael and Jeanne Adams. In 2011, partners Jim O’Meally and Mario Aguilar leased the building and re-opened the restaurant now called The Historic Mono Inn. Chef Jim describes the food as international peasant cuisine with the likes of paella, bolognaise, ceviche, and braised lamb shanks to name a few.